Flamedramon is coming to KDMO. I’ve been waiting for this day.

The ending of Endless Ocean is quite possibly the greatest payoff of anything ever.

Anytime the Grumps post a new game show episode, you just know it will be pure gold.

Maybe if this news is a new series or game, it will have a female character, and they will NOT oversexualize her! Maybe she won’t be pushed aside for all the male characters and actually have some character development! Maybe she will even have a MALE Digimon! Or perhaps a female Digimon that doesn’t get constant boob and camel toe shots!!!!

Ha… ha…ha… yeah right. Digimon has gotten so bad with female characters, I can only assume the worse now.

I mean, Digimon was never very gender neutral, but god damn they don’t even fucking try anymore.